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I cannot login to the website?

Over 90% of login problems are caused by not typing the username and password correctly. Username and passwords are cAsE sEnSiTiVe and must be typed exactly as they were issued to you.

Also the security software on the website required you are using a modern web browser to access the site. Ensure that you are using the latest version of your browser available for your operating system (see below for places to get the latest browsers for free)

I have signed up but did not recieve a username or password to login to the site Some of the payment methods we currently accept do not offer the ability for instant membership access after you have paid. We try to set this up in under 24 hours whenever possible. If you paid over 24 hours ago and still have not recieved your login details please email us.
I am already running the latest version of the browser for my operating system but still cannot login to the site
If you are already using the latest browser version and still cannot login to the website try the following:-
Turn down your browsers security and privacy settings to the lowest levels
Disable any pop up stopping software
Disable any personal firewall software
I have tried all of the solutions you have given me but still can't login what should I do?
Contact the site webmaster by clicking here please state the username you chose within the emai and ensure you tick the box marked support enquiry
I have forgotton/lost my username or password?

If you signed up via Inet-cash our main credit card processor then click here to retrieve your password

If the above method still did not work or you signed up via a different payment method then please email support by clicking here either stating your username (if know) or your name and email address

Can I use a program to download the entire site and view it offline later? No, we do not allow members to use site fetcher/download programs as the increased bandwidth generated by these programs affects the browsing experience of other users. Any attempt to use them will be blocked by our security software and the webmaster informed.
I wish to cancel my membership
If signed up with Inet-cash you can click here to cancel your membership
Where can I can I download the latest version of my browser?

Internet explorer latest version available for Windows and Mac from
Opera web browser latest version available for Windows, Apple Mac, OS2, Linux, QNX, Solaris and FreeBSD from
Netscape latest version for Windows and Mac available from
Mozilla firefox latest version for Mac, Windows and Linux is available from

I cannot play back the videos Videos on the website are encoded in either DIVX or Windows media format. And all news videos are in H264 Mp4 format
We find that the free VLC media player from is the best all round solution for playing back all types of videos on the website and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux
The H264 Mp4 videos will stream over a broadband internet connection if you have the latest Adobe flash plugin installed