If you already have E-Gold account and have money in it - please click here

1. What is E-Gold?

E-Gold is an electronic currency,  nominated in gold and backed by gold. 

2. Why I need E-Gold account?

  • Fully anonymous. Nobody will know HOW you will spend your money. Nobody will control what you do with your money.  You can create your account to imaginary name. You can add money to your account by any way you like. So if you do not want anybody to know what sites you join - this is the way of payment you need.
  • All our teen sites now accept e-gold payments. So forget about problems with credit cards,
  • E-Gold account is directly connected to gold in secure bank vaults all over the world
  • Opening an account is FREE. Spending e-gold is FREE. Receiving funds is 1% of the transaction amount.
  • You can add money to your account by any way you like. All kinds of credit cards, checks, electronic money, wire transfers, Money Gram, Western Union etc... So forget about problems with payments. The two things that you need to do are: 1. Create an account. 2. Add money to it.  After that you can forget about the sign-up problems.



    3. Why paying by E-Gold is better than paying by Credit cards

    • E-Gold gives you 100% anonymity when you buy. You don't have to reveal your personal information to merchants like you do while buying by a credit card. Even if you are funding your E-Gold account by credit card, the exchange agent knows your info, but he does not know how you will use your e-Gold! If you are a paranoid, you may create several E-Gold accounts and transfer funds between them. 
    • E-Gold is not subject to fraud. Knowing your E-Gold ID will not help anyone else to get your money without the secret pass phrase, which you are the only one to know.
    • Sites that accept e-gold usually give a discount for e-gold users. Moreover - all transactions by e-gold are one time transactions - so you will not receive unexpected rebills.
    • You can use any brand or type of credit cards if you want to create e-gold account.


      4. So - I have read all the above - so what I must do now?

      1. First of all you should get your personal E-Gold account  HERE.
      Please understand that you need normal working e-mail address to create an account. You can use imaginary name - but e-mail must be REAL, or you do not receive account information. There may be some problems with most well known free mail services like hotmail, yahoo, netscape etc ...
      If you use FREE e-mails - we recommend you mail.com . This service have many domains that you can choose from.
      2. After creating an account you must add money to it.
      You can use special exchange servers to do that. There are a lot of services that can help you with that. You can transfer money to them and they add this money to your e-gold account. You can trust them entirely, because every day hundreds of peoples use their services. They usually add a small amount of interest to your payments, Different exchange servers have Different levels of interest - so have a quick shop around to see if what the best deal is.

      Here are some places that will transfer your money to egold: 
      These are just a few that we have researched there are many more.

      Credit Cards



      Western union

      FS Pay

    • You may think that it is not a REALLY EASY way to join, but do not forget that:
      1. You can save $10-$20 for EACH transaction.
      2. Many other sites accept e-gold as payment for memberships, or even goods and services such as casino's.
      3. Nothing will show on your credit card or bank statement to indicated you signed up to our website.

    • 5. Now you have money in your e-gold account

      You can join our site using your e-gold account and get instant access

      1.  One Month instant access
      Cost: $10.00.  One time membership without rebill.

      3. Three months instant access plus 1 month to one of our other sites
      Cost: $30.00. One time membership without rebill.
      Included all VIP features + 1 month access to your choice of site.
      Choose from either www.bustybabez.co.uk or www.darlamodel.com or Paigemodel or www.bunniandrachel.co.uk or www.christinamodel.co.uk or www.beachbabez.com or www.marissamodel.co.uk or www.teenybabez.com
      Please email after making payment to specify which additional site you want the free access for.

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      P.S. If you have any questions feel free to contact our support anytime - 
      we will do everything to help you.